The Method: Michael Curry

This son of a wood working father and a mother who has a zest for making pine cone wreaths at Christmas, Michael Curry and his intricate mosaics are making his impressions on New York’s art community.

Michael, who is from a Chicago suburb started out performing on Broadway for many years, with his last stint performing in Cabaret, during which time he realized his love for creating art with glass tiles. 

Michael and I sat down for an interview at his Midtown studio which has an amazing view of The New Yorker sign about his past, present and future in the art world.

What was your inspiration for creating mosaics?

“The last show I was in was Cabaret and after the show began and was running I was feeling antsy and creatively unsatisfied.”  I moved into an apartment I took over from a friend and he left among other things an ugly dining table. I had an epiphany about this ugly table, that I had planned on throwing away, I should tile it, do a mosaic, tile the table”.  After receiving some techniques and a killer starter kit of pricey glass from Bobby Pierce, resident designer from Rosie O’Donell’s “Craft Corner” from her day-time talk show days, who at the time happened to be one of his fellow cast member’s roommate, Michael began to discover a love and passion for creating art in a new and exciting medium.

“Cabaret closed and I decided to pursue this new creative path.  I started making things and people would come to my place and see what I had been making and soon they started to commission me to make stuff”

As time passed, Michael evolved into creating his own tiles and manipulating glass into his own forms and using them on tables, mirrors and eventually into wall sculptures.

When did you sell your first piece?

” I sold my first piece to my friend Josh with in a year of me starting to make things”.

Are there any other materials that you want to experiment with?  

“Yes. I have used pennies before to make a piece called “Change” but, I want to start incorporating metals and metal canvases.

Living in New York City are you inspired by it’s architecture?

“Yes, I made a piece, that looks like a city scape reflected on water.  I once made a piece exclusively on my terrace that helped in my inspiration”.

Tell me about your first showing? What was going on in your head?

“My first show was a little nerve-racking. I guess it’s kinda like your wedding day.  It’s all about you and everyone is coming to see you and coming to see your work. I kind of had a fear about someone not knowing who I was and making a negative comment about my work. I had a great turn-out and a lot of support from my friends”.

Luckily it was the complete opposite and everyone seemed to love his work and since he has gained a lot of interest and a huge following.  Michael, will be around for awhile so keep an eye on him.

In the near future, Michael will be showing at a design studio here, in New York City.  

-Ken Marcelle



~ by Ken Marcelle on May 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Method: Michael Curry”

  1. u gt a nice site here..keep up the good work

  2. I am elated to see this man doing his thing…. keep it up Ken! This site is very unique. Great concepts!

  3. What a great story! Very inspirational. Creativity can change paths, but it keeps on flowing. Love the site.

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