The Method//Forever Bad

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God blessed us with Michael J. for 50 yrs.  He bandaged the world with amazing, never to be duplicated moves, lyrics, and acts of kindness.  He and his brothers walked in the freedom marches without marching, paving foundations through song.  Bad was my first cassette tape through my mom and impacted it me eternally.  I could ramble for days upon end but, I just want to remind you never to forget, who will forever be, the baddest!

Michael Joeseph Jackson



It’s Like a Dream to Me.

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Well, I’m back and things seem to have taken an unforeseen turn for the amazing, beyond good.  Life is a gift and is not to be taken for granted but I am in awe of the new heights that God has taken me.  Yes, I’m going there for a minute because it’s my blog and I can do that. LOL  Without getting in to specifics or too many details, it has become a thing of me just uttering things out of my mouth and them landing in my lap.  I swear, from wanting to catch up with one of my new favorite artist Theophilus London and days later meeting him on the G Train, here in Brooklyn, to randomly emailing up and coming designers and them over nighting their one-of-a-kinds from L.A to BK, with Beyonce using them weeks prior to.

The last few weeks of my consistent blogging, I was talking about going hard for my management company Leer Management and I have been dong just that.  Ups and downs, lefts and rights but the whole time, I have been guided to make wise decisions on what is best for myself, the brand, and the talented people I am working with.

I am now representing male model Drew McCreary, a dashing 22 year old out of New York City who is a talented singer as well as future Super Model.  He has the personality and the guts that should propel him into the stratosphere with the rest of the stars.  I think thats out, far enough.  LOL  Also, I am working with creative genius, Jaimz Deen, who has developed a well layered, conceptual musical journey, for your sonic pleasure.  The kid is a gift to the Earth.  He doesn’t quite think on the same plane as the rest of us but, can relate to each and every one.  His debut album, The Crisis: Episode One is a project beyond music it’s a sort of visual and spiritual journey that will delve into multi-media with hopes of rejuvenating your spirit and awareness.

I am bored with the normal format of I seek/find and share with you tails of hot shops and clothes, that most of us cannot afford these days, anyways.  Method Atelier is now my journey of life, documenting what is important to me and what I think will help enrich you fellas and some ladies, which was always was it’s intent but, now with more “soul”.  I love you all for being faithful and supporting the vision.  If I am just writing for one person and they’re affected, then it’s all worth it.  Peace and if you’re gonna dream….DREAM BIG.

-Ken Marcelle

Far Away So Close

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In this month’s issue of the creative forward U_Mag, Leer MGT Model, Alex, and the “sonical” Jaimz Deen were featured in a spread the mag entitled “Far Away, So Close“. The shoot took place on the river banks of Red Hook Brooklyn in an exhibit-like, vintage street car.  With climate conditions damn near, artic, the two braved it out and captured some great moments, rocking “the new eye of fashion”, Brain Lichtenberg , Alex & Chloe and creatively styled by myself .  This marks the beginning of many magazine features for the company and the birth of a legacy.  Thanks again to the good folks of U_Mag for the feature and the support.

-Ken Marcelle

100 Single Ladies: Piccadilly Circus

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Spawned from the success and popularity of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” anthem. 100 Single Ladies stop traffic with a spontaneous performanceof the famous leggy dance in Piccadilly Circus, to celebrate the announcement by Trident of its free Beyonce gig in November.( As if Beyonce needed any more advertisements. Go team Bey.

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Back to Basics: Yoko Devereaux S/S 09

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Taz Arnold aka Ti$a Presents: “ti$avi$ The Mission Statement”

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Taz Arnold who has revived the popular 80’s brand MCM gives his sight of fashion, art and just the world in general.  I feel this guy on so many levels. He’s not about to search for anyone to validate as a person/artist/designer. Much Love.

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iPod Voice

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Apple iPod Shuffle

The newly released iPod shuffle is voice activated with a a new feature named VoiceOver that allows you to browse through the devices 1,000 song storage.  The 2 inch jukebox retails for $70………Sweet

Ken Marcelle